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What Badi Maa Do Next To Ruin Simar and Reema’s Family?

In the previous episode, we have watched that Avinash gets humiliated by the cops on the orders of Badi Maa and everyone gets shocked seeing Avinash’s situation. The latest episode kickstarts with, Vivaan talking to Reema and says that he wants to do something for her and wants to share her pain and everything that she is going through because now they are on a bond for forever and he doesn’t know that how long will Badi Maa remain angry so till then he will do his best not only to make her happy but also to Badi Maa’s acceptance for their wedding.

Vivaan apologizes to her from his family’s side but Reema says that she wants to go to her father’s house so it would be great if he takes her there. Vivaan says that he will take her soon. There Simar on the road tries to stop an auto rikshaw and urges one to take her to her house as her father is not well but the auto goes. Meanwhile, Aarav comes there in his car, Simar says that she knows very well about his family’s reputation but right now her parents need her and she has to go there at any cost, she starts crying. Aarav says her to stop crying as he is here to take her to her parents because being a friend he knows her pain and yearning for her parents very well. They off to her house while someone secretly clicks their pics.

There in Oswal’s house, Sandhya says Gajendra to talk to Aditi, he goes and asks her what happened, she replies that Simar is so good and whatever Badi Maa is doing with her is not good because she deserves love and respect instead of her hate and anger. Aditi asks him that why is he silently watching everything is it like she is his mother so he is just watching everything despite knowing that she is not doing the right things. Gajendra tells her that he will talk to her till then she has to relax as he is going to get some conclusion.

There Badi Maa says Bhairav ​​to go to the inspector and do what she said and tell him that she has stopped that inspector’s transfer so now he has to do what she wants otherwise she can do what he did not think. Gajendra goes to Badi Maa where she says that if he comes here to tell that she is not doing good so keep his lips stick to another. Badi Maa then says that she will tell those fake girls that being a Bahu of the Oswal family is not an easy deal. To watch Badi Maa’s next plan tune in to Colors TV and stay tuned with us.

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