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Urfi Javed came out wearing a crop top made of socks, a victim of Oops moment from a cut T-shirt

Urfi Javed is often in the headlines due to her outfits. In the past, she was trolled at the airport because of her cropped jacket. Recently she did another experiment with her outfit. Urfi came out wearing a crop top made of socks and a cropped T-shirt. During this, the paparazzi caught him on camera. In the viral videos, she looked a bit uncomfortable about her clothes. People have also trolled her on the outfit.

People did not digest the look

Urfi Javed has been a part of Bigg Boss OTT this time. She is often in the headlines for her clothes. Recently she appeared in a purple color outfit and she had to be trolled once again for the look. Urfi was talking to Paps. During this she wore a bralette style top. A cut t-shirt was placed over it. This t-shirt of Urfi was blowing because of the wind, on which she looked a bit uncomfortable and kept handling it. People have trolled his video for going viral. At the same time, a user has written that Urfi looks very good but due to style sense everything gets messed up, someone suggest her celebrity style.

Urfi told how the dress was made

Urfi has also told on her Instagram how she prepared this outfit. He wrote, Made a crop top of socks, cut the T-shirt in half. Outfit ready. Recently, Urfi Javed was seen at the airport wearing a cropped jacket. His pictures became very viral and he was also trolled. Urfi’s denim jacket was so short that his undergarments were visible.

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