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Why did Sunita talk about the color of Govinda’s ‘Kachhe’ on Kapil’s show, watch funny video

The Kapil Sharma Show has once again started tickling people. Govinda and his wife Sunita had once again reached Kapil Sharma’s show as a guest. Kapil had a lot of fun with him. When Kapil sat down to question Govinda about his wife, he could not answer. On this, his wife Sunita told Kapil that he is asking the wrong person, if asked, she can also tell the color of Govinda’s coat.

Govinda could not answer the questions

Govinda and his wife Sunita will come as a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show. Sony Entertainment Channel has released several promos of this episode. In a funny promo, Kapil is seen asking Govinda a question about his wife. Kapil asks, what is the color of Sunita’s earrings and what is the color of her nail paint. Govinda is unable to answer any of these questions. He says to Kapil, asking questions or playing my band.

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Sunita clean bowled with the answer

On this Sunita says, Kapil, whom are you even asking. You ask me, let me tell you what color is the briefcase. Earlier there was a promo in which Kapil asked Sunita if she had collided with Govinda at a place where she should not have met. Even before Sunita could say anything, Govinda says, I have never been caught till date.



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